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StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser 10x Sachet Pack
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What is it? 10x 10ml Sachets of deep cleaning brush cleanser and conditioner for use when cleaning non-water soluble makeup in place of anti-bacterial liquid soap and water.

Why is it better? The StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser Solution has been specially formulated to thoroughly clean even the thickest, oil-based makeup from all brush types. It is also Alcohol FREE, contains no Parabens or Sulphates and is registered by the Vegan Society.

"When I first met Lisa Eldridge (Celebrity makeup artist to stars, including Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss and Kate Winslet), she gave me the ultimate makeup challenge; to remove Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation from a flat Kabuki brush. This was an incredibly difficult task and led to the development of this unique cleanser and conditioner."

Tom Pellereau

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser solution is designed to be used with StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer to cleanse both natural and synthetic brushes. The Cleanser is ideal for removing the most stubborn of makeup including: foundation (even long stay foundation like Estee Lauder Double Wear), lipstick, eye shadow and other thick oil based makeup.

Aside from its deep cleansing power, the unique formula is infused with nourishing Wheatgerm, Grapeseed and Argan oils to gently condition the brush leaving the hairs silky, smooth and protected.

Alcohol FREE, no Parabens and no Sulphates.

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