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Stylfile Clipper - Trim without the Ping


"Never miss the bin again. The NEW! Stylfile Clipper is guaranteed* to trim without the Ping" - Tom Pellereau Unique curved overlapping blades Trim without the ping Under - nail skimmer >25 year guarantee The...

Stylfile Nailcare Collection Bag


"Your nails are curved, the curved S-file and S-buffer make filing and polishing quick and easy. The Emergency File’s spiral case protects file and prevents it from scratching delicate items." - Tom Pellereau

Stylfile Curved Nail File


Your nails are curved so why not use a curved file?The NEW! Stylfile 2 has three professional nail tools in one. S-file shape is specially designed to follow the natural shape of your nail Makes...

Stylfile Mani Pro


What is it? A nail buffer with stainless steel cuticle pusher and cuticle neatener hidden inside. Why is it better? For best results professionals push and trim cuticles before shining the nail bed. The NEW! Stylfile...

Stylfile Curved Buffer


"Your nails are curved, the curved Buffer 2 makes filing quick and easy." - Tom Pellereau Makes polishing nails easy 4-step nail polisher Follows the nail shape Under-nail skimmer Cuticle pusher

The Stylfile S-shaped nail file was my original invention and was inspired by watching my sister file her nails and thinking to myself ‘why are files straight when nails are curved?’ The Stylfile has now evolved and developed into a complete range of nail grooming products to keep your nails in great shape. - Tom Pellereau.

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