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  • Wayne Goss

    It's a really good, really good product. It dries brushes just like that!

    Wayne Goss, Professional Makeup artist with 3million Youtube followers
  • It's transformed my life and my career, cleaning my brushes is so simple and so quick now

    Melissa Hartzel, Professional Makeup Artist

Your nails are curved so why not use a curved file?The NEW! Stylfile 2 has three professional nail tools in one.

  • S-file shape is specially designed to follow the natural shape of your nail
  • Makes filing quick and easy, with two-step file to shape and smooth nail
  • Especially useful when using your other or non-dominant hand
  • 3in1: file, cuticle pusher and under-nail cleaner
  • High quality long lasting professional abrasive 

"Stylfile 2 is amazing, I bought it on an impulse buy but with its ease in the way you use it, for the first time in my life I have stopped biting my nails, it is quick and simple."
- Katy Bennett

Product Description

Winner of the 2011 Apprentice, Tom Pellereau has launched the must-have beauty accessory range for 2012. The Stylfile collection, a range of nail files designed with a unique curved shape that follows the natural shape of the nail, is the latest invention from Tom who won the esteemed prize of going into business with Lord Sugar. With two different abrasive sides, the all new S-file is the two-step nail file that shapes and smoothes the nail.

Tom says ”I love inventing products which make life better. The S-file follows the curve of the nail, making filing quick and easy. I hope you enjoy it.”

Stylfile story: "Watching my sister file her nails one day, I hit upon the idea of a curved file. The curve of the S-file follows the nails’ natural shape, making it easy to achieve a great-looking finish, even when using your ‘other’ or non- dominant hand. For a professional finish, use one surface to shape and the other to smooth. As an engineer I've specially selected the abrasive to be long lasting--the S-file.

Always file from the nail edge towards the centre, then repeat, filing from the other edge of the nail. The S-file’s curve is designed to make this quick and easy. With use the S-file will wear out and will need to be replaced.

The Stylfile collection also includes the S-buffer a curved buffer which effortlessly creates sparkling nails and the Emergency file Mini S-file and Mini S-buffer for nail emergencies. Aventom Ltd has Patents, Design Registrations and Trademarks protecting its inventions.

Hints and tips:
1. For a professional finish, use one surface of the S-file to shape and the other to smooth. Always file the S-file from the edge of the nail to the centre as this prevents breakages
2. Use the curve of the S-buffer to follow the nail bed’s natural curve, as this makes buffing and filing easier even when using your 'other' or non- dominant hand
3. Polishes and products can be tiresome, to create a salon quality perfect polish simply use the S-file and S-buffer to file the surface of the nail
4. When using the S-file glide smoothly over the nail, always going from the left inward, then the right inwards. Sawing will only cause your nails to break, flake and split
5. Buffing can improve your nails' appearance and circulation. Using the S-buffer, smooth over the nail surface in one direction, as this gives a healthy shine and prevents the nails from overheating

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Safety Warning

Never use the S-file on the nail bed. Please always read the label and use this product as instructed.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Stylfile S-file