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  It’s the same every year, a new year comes, and we assign ourselves to a future of dread … diet over hauls, no treats and extreme workout regimes. Before you know it, it’s mid-January you’re feeling miserable and just about ready to break those new year promises just in time for Blue Monday!     Let’s face it, no one really wants that. New years resolutions don’t have to be daunting and January certainly doesn’t have to be the miserable month everyone expects it to be.  It may be mid-January already (we know, how did that happen so quickly?)...

Choose StylPro Cleanser this Veganuary

  It’s a New Year and a fresh new start, time to start thinking about your new goals and resolutions.   Setting a personal resolution at the beginning of the year has been a tradition for many years; whether it be for health, happiness or a change in your beauty routine, setting a goal or a challenge is key.   A popular resolution, you may have seen many of your peers following this year is a lifestyle change … becoming Vegan.   Throughout 2018 awareness of the Vegan movement dramatically increased something that is not set to change this year...